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Why choose us?

Acupuncture Herbs and Beyond encompasses a group of dedicated health professionals to systematically diagnose, evaluate and treat acute and chronic diseases. We promote preventive medicine through evidence-based complementary medicine, mainly with acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, scraping, moxibustion, therapeutic massage, etc.

Team Work

Wellness Allied medical professionals ally to promote health. We offer opportunities for you to try different acupuncturists in our network with a discount price. We also provide group consultations for challenge cases with experts from both the USA and China.

Health Track

You can log your health condition conveniently and access them anywhere all your life. The system tracks your health conditions and renders to acupuncturists if necessary. It could help to catch early signs of ailment.

Strict Operation

Practicing within Wellness Allied follows strict protocols: only sterile needles are used, clean linens for every patient, accurate medical records, etc. We also train our practitioners periodically for ethics and professional knowledge and skills.

World Cooperation

To improve your health condition, we also arrange wellness programs worldwide. In the programs, you will have the opportunities to see experts for your conditions, get trained for Qigong, Tai Chi or Yuga from masters.

About Us

Weihui (Wendy) Li

PhD, Acupuncturist and Herbalist

Yun-pu Munro

Acupuncturist and Herbalist

May Yang

Acupuncturist and Herbalist

Nelson Patz

PhD, Licensed Acupuncturist

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Your first visit

Acupuncture heals patients by restoring patients' own body balance, improving their circulation, enhancing the immune system, releasing stress and tensions in their bodies. So, it is helpful for a wide variety of problems including colitis, neuropathy, skin diseases, women disease, infertility, cancer, infection, gout, common cold, emotional stress, to name a few.

Acupuncture could move your internal energy quite a bit and restore your body balance. If you don't eat beforehand, you might experience lightheadedness, dizziness or even fainting. It isn't necessary to have a full meal, but at least a snack to help your body have enough energy to maximize the treatment's potential.

Acupuncturist may need to access areas under your clothes. So wear loose clothes for easy rolling up above elbows and knees. If necessary, you may need to remove your clothes to access your back. But they will properly drape you so that only small portions of your skin are exposed.

Acupunctures are about the width of two to three strands of hair. You normally barely feel the needle insertion or just like a pinch. It is very common that the patients fall asleep snoring and wake up very relaxed.

All needles are only used once and then disposed. This means there is a virtually no chance you will contract a disease from receiving acupuncture.

A lot of times, acupuncture can greatly improve your symptoms for the very first time treatment. But don't expect acupuncture to miracally solve all the problems with a single visit. Thus is why acupuncture often recommend subsequent treatments.


Acupuncture Medical Acupunctune

Insertion of thin needle; helps for Qi movement, blood circulation, nerve stimulation, hormone balance and more.

Herbs Herbal Medicine

Use of raw herb or herbal extraction for various body conditions when acupuncture itself is not strong enough to balance the body.

Cupping Cupping

Use of vacuum cups to suck on the skin; helps for conditions such as common cold, flu, cough, pain etc.

Scraping Gua Sha (Scraping)

Use of scraping board and massage oil to scrape on the skin; helps for pains, common cold, fatigue, sleep disorder etc.


  • The acupuncture service lasts between 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • For patients with acupuncture covered by medical insuraces, patients only need to pay their copay.
  • For patients to pay out of pocket, please refer below for service fee:
  • One-time Session
  • New patient acupuncture: $120
  • Follow-up acupuncture: $100
  • Herbal prescription fee: $40
  • Acupuncture + Herbal prescription: $120

per Session

$ 100

  • Package of 5
  • No extra cost for first time visit
  • $80 for each acupuncture session
  • Herbal prescription fe: $20
  • Herbs cost is not included

per package

$ 400

  • Membership
  • Includes 1 session per month
  • $70 for each additional session
  • Roll over up to 6 sessions
  • Herbal prescription fee: $15

per year

$ 888


Carlene Harwood

XL with Bell's Palsey

After 5 acupuncture treatments

After 16 acupuncture treatments

Patient presented with drooping eyelid,mouth,tearing eyes and facial paralysis.After 16 treatments, the patient recovered completely. (Photoes are posted with patient's permission.)




Patient's red cheek becomes completely normal after three months treatments!
(Pictures are posted with the permission of the patient)

Yury S.

2 days after mini-stroke

1 week after the first treatment

2 weeks after 2 acupuncture treatments and herbal medicine

1 year after 18 acupuncture treatments and 2 months herbal medicine

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